About Us


"My dad was a contractor, so I grew up watching him struggle to get paid. Chasing a payment after he'd done good work really chipped away at his pride.

When I started freelancing myself, I got to feel that first hand.

I want to change the way things are done because no one should have to worry if their money is safe. Not freelancers. Not clients."

Co-founder and CTO

Sebastian - Trustfy

We founded Trustfy because we want to make the future of work fairer, more transparent and more sustainable for everyone involved. It’s why we get up in the morning.

More and more people are working for themselves and that has the potential to be a great thing.

But it also means clients don’t have the security of working with a larger firm and freelancers don’t have the security of a full-time employer.

When it comes to paying and getting paid, that can cause issues for everyone involved. We, and a lot of people we care dearly about, have lost the better part of our sanity in this process.

As a client, you’re asked to pay a good chunk of the bill up front- then you cross your fingers that everything works out.

As a freelancer, you do the work and cross your fingers that you won’t be chasing payments later.

It’s stressful for everyone involved. And it’s unnecessary. That's why we're making the system fairer, so that everyone involved can have the peace of mind they deserve.